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Nigel McNaught retires as PMA UK Director

After 12 years as PMA's man in UK, Nigel McNaught is retiring . At a farewell lunch held in London , PMA Chairman Steven Lord, of Lord's Photodigital in Yorkshire, spoke of Nigel's encyclopedic knowledge of the photo industry and his ability always to involve people in industry events and projects such as the ID photo business where he has worked tirelessly to preserve this important business for the photo retailer.

Nigel spoke of his love for the industry which he first entered 50 years ago. He thanked the people there, and those that could not be there, for the support they had given him. He stressed that ultimately it is only people that matter, nothing else is important. "I feel very privileged" he said, "to have worked in such a great industry with such talented people who have become such tremendous friends."

Nigel's successor at PMA is Don Kennedy, co-founder of Snappy Snaps and Nigel wished Don every success in his new role.