In the past there was a clear distinction between businesses working in areas such as display graphics, sign making, exhibitions and photo printing, the various specialist systems in use meant that a business operating in more than one of these sectors was the exception not the rule.

However today the broad area of commercial imaging comprises a truly diverse range of companies with even more diverse backgrounds, though with a common interest in respect of the systems and technologies in use.

Association of Imaging Professionals

The Photo Marketing Association (PMA) is expanding its support and member benefit portfolio to encompass today’s wide-ranging commercial imaging sector in the form of the Association of Imaging Professionals (AIP) to engender a sense of community and assist its members in developing the imaging market.

The AIP will support member businesses operating across the following sectors:

Exhibition / display

Signage / banners

Ultra wide format

Pro lab services

Small format digital print


The AIP has been formed to recognise the wider remit and diversification of the pro imaging industry with the introduction of digital technology and the fact that businesses operating across a very broad marketplace are today united by their use of the same technology.

The PPLA, which was the previous association for the pro lab industry, is evolving to account for these developments so that we can now bring the benefits of a dedicated trade association to the larger audience incorporating exhibition and display, digital print and graphics while still supporting the traditional pro lab specialist.

The new AIP is now an integral and important part of PMA: “The Worldwide Community of Imaging Associations”.

AIP mission statement:

“To unite the diverse range of businesses that trade in commercial imaging within an industry community, to facilitate communication between these businesses and to provide a valuable resource in respect of regulatory advice, sales & marketing support and technical information with the objective of growing the value of the commercial imaging market.”