Sticker Boy, the only fully automatic punching machine for photo products

Metafix (UK) are leveraging their relationship with photo-finishers -- and their long experience of selling, servicing and supporting light engineering solutions for that sector -- to distribute Sticker Boy, an automatic punching machine that makes uniquely shaped photo stickers, post cards, magnetic cards, puzzles and memories.

Helping photo customers turn their images into compelling gift items is essential for profit in photo-finishing these days. Sticker Boy is a fast, productive, space-saving, easy-to-operate solution for the manufacture of very high quality gifts with unique shapes. It’s ideal for any photo specialist business that needs to differentiate its offerings from the competition, and is economical for individual outlets, as well as being suited to overnight fulfilment in a hub-and-spoke operation.

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The silver in your waste fluids is worth more than ever

Nick Dean – MD of silver recovery specialists, Metafix (UK) – believes every cloud has a silver lining, and the soaring cost of silver-based materials in the photo industry is no exception. Although at one end, manufacturers of photo film and paper are having to increase prices, there’s a windfall to be picked up at the other, by develop and print businesses.

The price of silver on world metal exchanges has risen steadily during this global economic downturn, reaching a peak of £946 per Kilo so far this year, and averaging £775 per Kilo for the last three months – that’s almost twice the 2008 figure of £392. That’s such a large increase, it means that -- even for businesses with less silver in their chemistry, or those planning to leave wet process eventually– it still makes economic sense to switch from store & haul-away waste processing now.

Nick Dean says switching to one of Metafix’s on-site Micro-e cartridge systems for silver recovery can give payback of investment in 12 months. No more storing containers of waste chemicals in-store, no more paying for expensive and inconvenient haul-away -- just use a Metafix Micro-e to remove the silver from waste fluids, down to levels well below the regulatory maximum for discharge to drain. There’s a model of Micro-e to suit each business type, and Metafix’s clear, itemised statements – trusted by companies like Tesco and ASDA -- will let you know exactly the assay value of each cartridge you return, and the breakdown of costs and charges to be deducted from it. You’ll be a winner!

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