Gitzo introduces more advanced technology to Mountaineer Range

When Gitzo launched the original Mountaineer in 1994, it was the world’s first carbon fibre tripod. After 20 years, Mountaineer is still leading the way, continuing to evolve and define the latest tripod technologies.

Mountaineer is our ‘all-purpose’ carbon tripod family, both extremely rigid and light in weight. Understandably, Mountaineers are the most popular tripods in the Gitzo range.
Now stiffer and stronger than ever, with newly developed Carbon eXact tubes and a refined top spider design, they are also faster and easier to use with evolutions in the G-lock system, Ground Level Set mechanism, and leg angle selectors.

‘Carbon eXact’ tubing and structure
New Mountaineer tripods maintain the lightweight characteristics of preceding Carbon 6X models, but are even stiffer, thanks to the fibre composition of our Carbon eXact tubing and tube dimension optimizations that include larger diameters of lower leg sections.

In addition, the top spider and column lock have also been improved, contributing to the tripod’s rigidity.

Enhanced usability and comfort
New Mountaineer tripods feature G-lock Ultra, a redesigned version of Gitzo’s signature leg lock system G-lock. G-lock Ultra has even more comfortable operation and reduced risk of debris entering the tubes and locking mechanisms. It is fine-tuned for the smaller differences in tube diameter between leg sections of Carbon eXact tubes, contributing to increased stiffness of the legs.

The Ground Level Set mechanism, which lets the photographer remove the centre column to get the camera closer to the ground, has been completely redesigned for faster operation. A single simple unlocking ring under the column’s upper disc frees the column while keeping the upper disc solidly in place on the tripod, with no need to unscrew and re-fit the upper disc and hook as in previous versions.
Models in the updated Mountaineer range

There are ten tripod leg sets and three complete tripod and head kits in the new Mountaineer range, covering Gitzo’s size-related Series 0 (the smallest) up to Series 3. Each series has three and four section models available, while Series 2 and Series 3 also have a special long four section model for increased height.
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