Latest DMW-MCFT3 housing for the Panasonic FT3 camera from Ocean Leisure Cameras

Ocean Leisure Cameras, London ’s new premier underwater photographic retailer, is pleased to announce the addition of Panasonic’s DMW-MCFT3 waterproof housing to its extensive range of underwater photography products.  The DMW-MCFT3 is a top-quality, genuine waterproof housing from Panasonic designed to fit the Panasonic FT3 camera – providing a fantastic solution for underwater photographers who need a high level of imaging performance in a compact size.

On its own the 12.1 megapixel Panasonic FT3 camera is the perfect all-round water sports camera.  Impressively waterproof to 12 metres, it is also freeze-proof down to minus 10 degrees, shockproof to a height of 2 metres and dust-proof as well!  For superb underwater stereoscopic photos there’s also a 3D shooting mode.

Put it in its waterproof housing and the FT3 becomes a high quality diving compact camera set-up with second to none features and accessory possibilities. Unlike some housings, the Panasonic DMW-MCFT3 case enables the use of all the camera controls including custom white balance. Additionally the Panasonic FT3 housing accepts the current Inon wide angle and close up lenses when you use the Inon MCFT3 mount base. The Panasonic housing also has an accessory shoe mount for focusing lights or small strobes. It also comes with a built in Inon sync cord mount.

The Panasonic FT3 package is truly designed with diving in mind.

About the FT3 camera: 12.1 megapixel Hi-Speed CCD, 4.6x optical zoom,  28mm wide angle Leica DC lens, 3 inch LCD,  Waterproof down to 12m without the housing,  Shock proof up to 2m,  Freeze proof to -10C, GPS, Compass, Altimeter and Depth gauge built in,  1080p HD AVHCD movie

About the DMW-MCFT3 housing:   40m depth rated,  Controls for all camera functions,  Accessory shoe, Inon sync cord connection,  Wide angle lenses available, Comes with lanyard, flash diffuser, spare o-ring, silica gel, grease

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