new Mk100 DSLR Microphone by hähnel

A new generation of Compact & DSLR cameras now have the ability of capturing high definition video clips almost as well as they capture high resolution stills.


Recording good quality sound is challenging on a DSLR camera as the use of both the lens zoom and auto focus can create a lot of unwanted noise. However, the quality of the sound recorded can be vastly improved with the help of an external microphone.


The Mk100 by hähnel is fitted with a 14mm Electret Condenser Capsule which produces high quality broadcast sound with a uni-directional pickup.  This is achieved using a Super Cardroid design which ensures maximum sound input from the front of the microphone, resulting in targeted audio recordings with minimum interference from both sides and behind.


Additionally, the Mk100 is fitted with a unique rubber  suspension system known as a ‘shock mount’ which absorbs unwanted mechanical vibrations from the camera.  A 3-position volume sensitivity switch has -10dB, 0 & +10dB settings which allow the user to optimise the microphones performance when recording both high & low level audio.


Fitted with a hot shoe adaptor with 3/8” thread, the Mk100 fits easily onto any camera, boompole, monopod & tripod.


AAA batteries are also included, giving over 100 hours  of running time. The new Mk100 DSLR Microphone will be available in the shops from early-mid November (RRP £89.99).