Sticker Boy, the only fully automatic punching machine for photo products

Metafix (UK) are leveraging their relationship with photo-finishers -- and their long experience of selling, servicing and supporting light engineering solutions for that sector -- to distribute Sticker Boy, an automatic punching machine that makes uniquely shaped photo stickers, post cards, magnetic cards, puzzles and memories.

Helping photo customers turn their images into compelling gift items is essential for profit in photo-finishing these days. Sticker Boy is a fast, productive, space-saving, easy-to-operate solution for the manufacture of very high quality gifts with unique shapes. It’s ideal for any photo specialist business that needs to differentiate its offerings from the competition, and is economical for individual outlets, as well as being suited to overnight fulfilment in a hub-and-spoke operation.

To enquire about Sticker Boy, and find out how it can benefit your business, contact Metafix on 01933 461 907 or visit