The Big Photo Show explained

We heard several questions last month during [email protected] and the pre-show conferences about The Big Photo Show – namely, “What is it?” “Why is PMA doing it?” and “How does it benefit me?”

Why is PMA doing it?

Our new mission is the promote the growth of the imaging industry, and there is no better way to do that than to help foster a love of photography on the part of consumers.  The Big Photo Show will promote the growth of photography, videography, and photo printing. We know from our experience doing consumer shows in Australia that this works, and works well.

How will it benefit me?

The Big Photo Show will benefit PMA members in many ways. There’s a big audience of photo enthusiasts that isn’t being reached by your advertising and online promotion alone. The Big Photo Show will help you find them, and engage them.

First, for suppliers, retailers and service providers, there is the opportunity to sponsor or exhibit at The Big Photo Show.  As an exhibitor, you will be able to talk directly, face-to-face, with a much larger group of potential customers than you are ever likely to communicate with under any other circumstances. This is the chance to build relationships in a moment that will benefit your business for years to come.

If exhibiting doesn’t make sense for your company, there is still much to gain. You can offer your customers the chance to participate in the national Big Photo Show photo contest, and offer them free tickets to the event. PMA will be partnering with retailers in the local areas for each Big Photo Show event with more specific ways to get customers involved.

The website also offers you the opportunity to reach out and interact with consumers in your local area, or anywhere. The on-site calendar will allow you to promote your own events, year ’round, as well.

Even if The Big Photo Show doesn’t come to your area, this series of events has much to offer you. Consumer enthusiasm for imaging has never been higher, and the more we as an industry can embrace and encourage that excitement, the more the industry as a whole will profit.

That is what The Big Photo Show is all about.

There is more exciting news coming about The Big Photo Show. Watch for emails, and be sure to check PMA Newsline for more.

In the mean time, if you have more questions, just ask.